The impact of social media

Social media… a world of its own.

the impact of social media has overcome many people in the world, one of which is me ofcorse. During my previous years, i have experianced many kinds of social media. To start with, messenger (msn), in my early teenage life, was known to be the best kind of media itself and a very functional way of interacting with family and friends. MSN was basically used as a chatroom per say and was very common to people of all ages which helped MSN to get its reputation.

Social Media Logotype Background

Later on, as i grew older, other socially related medias emerged. For example i started dealing with facebook and skype. these two social medias helped me interact and basically keep in touch with most of my friends and family in other countries.

Not so long after, other web disignes came out such as twitter, which was a huge hit and trend here in kuwait and by far the most used one in the gulf. i used twitter for a long period of time, then stopped but still have it opened in case i need it. i then related and used instagram because it deals with pictures only. That is what i am currently using.

To be completely honest, i am not really a big fan of social media which is probably why i have limited experiences with media. With that being said, here i am typing my latest blog with many more ideas to expose. stay tuned!